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Of Love and Death is now available!

Of Love and Death

After a long journey work was completed this week on Of Love and Death, the new album from the German Viking Metal band CROM.

Crom will be on holiday from 12.09.2009 to 30.09.2009


After a long delay the page is updated!


The vinyl version of Vengeance is out now!!! Many of these tracks have been featured on Hurry to get one of these very cool pieces of Metal. Limited to 500 copies, gatefold cover, double LP, insert, incl. all songs of Demo 04. For more informations about the vinyl enter the order link!!

Demo 04 is sold out!

There are new shirts available. Find ém also at the contact link.

Here´s the link to Croms myspace site:

Pics of Croms appearance at Swordbrothers Festival and the first gig in 2007 are online.

Crom is still searching for a drummer. If you are interested in please get in contact with me via email.

Crom has signed a deal with Pure Steel records!!
The expact release date for “Vengeance” and more information will follow.

Crom will take place at the great Swordbrothers Festival 7 at JUZ Andernbach.


CROM is currently bargaining with several Labels!

On 29.09.2007 CROM will play at the Tales from the Underground

The first live appearance of epic pagan metallers CROM will take place on May 19 when they support DARK FORTRESS in Landshut, Germany, hometown of both bands.

Walter (Crom) Grosse, sole member of the band, and himself a former member of DARK FORTRESS, has put together a live lineup that includes DARK FORTRESS members Draug on bass, Seraph on drums and backing vocals, and Asvargr on guitars.

Commented Grosse “It’s particularly fitting that the first gig should take place supporting my former band. We are all old, and very close, friends and everyone wants to make this a very special event for family, friends and fans alike”.

The gig will take place at the Alte Kaserne, Liesl-Karlstadt-Weg 4, 84036 Landshut, Germany. The complete running order being CROM, DARK AGE, THE VISION BLEAK and DARK FORTRESS, who plan to film their own set for future possible release on DVD. Doors open at 20:00 for a 20:30 start.

CROM’s latest album Vengeance, is nearing completion, and includes artwork by Belgian fantasy artist Kris Verwimp. Two tracks from the album can be heard on the bands website Together with DARK FORTRESS vocalist Azathoth, Grosse also has a Black Metal side project SINDECADE, which recently released the Terrorcrowned MCD, a track from which can be heard on the band’s official MySpace page

Vengenace is done!!!
We´ve finished mixing and you can hear some sounds in the media section. I cannot tell you exactly when and which label will release Vengenace. I´ll let you know as soon as possible! Here´s also the full tracklist, all lyrics and all you should know about the Vengeance stuff.

1. Wings of fire
2. The restless King
3. Crom
4. Vengeance Part I (The cause…)
5. Vengeance Part II (…and the effect)
6. Unchain the hero
7. A life unbearable
8. The Stars will fall
9. Hammer of the gods
10. Fire

Crom – All Vocals, guitars, bass, choirs
Seraph – drums
V. Santura – additional guitars and additional choirs

Special thanks go out to Seraph and V. Santura of Dark Fortress for helping me to put my visions into reality! Also hails to Kris Verwimp for creating the Vengeance design!


The Crom live line up for 2007 is:

Crom – Vocals and guitars
V. Santura – Guitars & backing vocals
Draug – Bass
Seraph – drums & backing vocals

Crom is still searching for good and convenient bands that want to open my first Crom gig ever! All bands who would like to do this job can contact me at

OK guys, enjoy the new artwork and especially my Vengeance stuff!!

The recordings for “Vengeance” are finished!! V. Santura ( Dark Fortress ) will mix the recordings in the next weeks and of course I´ll present you some songs of it immediately after finishing.

Finally “Demo 2004” is out now! Crom has decided to release this old stuff in a first edition of 50 copies instead of let it rot in a box. This 4 track CD is for all fans that have asked for it so mny times. For order informations visit the contact link. I will thank especially Kris Verwimp for having created a great Crom artwork again!!!

Crom proclaims also very proud that the recording sessions for my first fullength CD “Vengeance” are almost finished. The whole recordings should be completed in the end of juli or the beginning of august. Vengeance will be a high atmospheric and melodic viking album that will make you dream of the northern gods, mighty warriors, fallen kings but also of loneliness and pain!

I´ve recorded also the second previous untitled fullength album in this recording session for there will be no more such an extreme delay between my outputs. The Crom story will go on…

Dear Cromheadz! First of all I have to say that Crom is still alive and not dead like some people say. I have finished writing my first two albums and now I´m working on my own label called “Neocreation” where Crom´s upcoming CDs will be published. You still have to wait for a while but I will give you some infos about it here on this page and on

You still can order “The fallen beauty E.P.” right at me. Just look to the contact link. Demos and other stuff is no more available so please don´t ask for it a hundred times.

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